Most Hottest Hollywood Actresses Right Now

Hollywood is considered the movie hub of the world, and it is also the home of some of the most attractive personalities around the globe. Most of the Hollywood actresses are not only extremely talented but also extremely beautiful and hot. These actresses are really charming and they perform very well on the screen. Hollywood can’t survive without all these actresses and the hotness of these Hollywood heroines makes the movie really steamy.

Here is the list of top beautiful and hottest Hollywood actresses:

#17 Amber Heard.

   Famous Movie: ExTerminator, The River Why, One More Time Justice League. 

#16 Gal Gadot.

      Famous Movie: The Fast and Furious, Wonder Women, Batman V Superman

#15 Amanda Seyfried 
     Famous Movie: Letters to Juliet, Dear john

#14 Keira Knightley 

     Famous Movie: Star War Series, Pirates of the Caribbean Series    

#13 Mila Kunis 

    Famous Movie: Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, Ted, Oz The Great and Powerful

#12 Natalie Portman 

     Famous Movie: Star War Series

 #11 Charlize Theron 

      Famous Movie: Monster, Dark Places, Mad Max 

#10 Jennifer Aniston 

     Famous Movie: The Break-Up, Love Happens

#9 Eva Green 
    Famous Movie: The Dreamers, James Bond-Casino Royal, 300: Rise Of An Empire

#8 Cameron Diaz 

       Famous Movie: Tape and Annie.

#7 Emma Watson 

     Famous Movie: Harry Potter Series, The Circle

#6 Emma Stone 

       Famous Movie: The Amazing Spiderman

#5 Jessica Alba 

     Famous Movie: Dear Eleanor, Barley, Sin City:A Game to Kill For

#4 Scarlet Johansson 

       Famous Movie: Avengers, Lucy, Iron Man 2

#3 Alexandra Anna Daddario 

     Famous Movie: San Andreas, Baywatch

#2 Angelina Jolie 

       Famous Movie: Salt, Mr & Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

#1 Jennifer Lawrence 

       Famous Movie: A Girl Next Door, Passengers