8 Pics of The Funny Things Happen At McDonald’s

Food, one of the basic things we require for our livelihood. If there is no food funny things can happen LoL, I mean there is no life it is as easy as that. It is well said we eat to live although for more than some of us it is exactly the opposite they live to eat. Geniuses call such kind of people as “foodie”. People can have endlessly and with the availability of fast food brands like McDonald’s, domino’s etc their life has become super easier. This post is dedicated to people who spend their time not only eating food but doing these funny things.

#1 Did They Open A McDonald’s At Some Beach?

#2 This Is Why They Do Not Allow Kids To Use Washroom Alone.

#3 People Are Really Crazy, Mam Its A Statue.

#4 When Nobody’s There To Watch.

#5 An Exclusive Restaurant By McDonald’s.

#6 Ronald The Clown Is Finally Doing Something Worthy.

#7 Ronald Was Arrested Later That Day.

#8 People Have Spoiled The Already Bad Image Of The Clown.

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